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Neuter Your Friends

This post is going to be sad. The kittens I mentioned a while ago were put down. They grew up in the shelter, never got to go outside or have a family other than each other and since they were kept in a small kennel they were getting stressed out and were euthanized. People need to start neutering their animals. I cannot stress this enough. Since this is the season for kittens, we have gotten so many mother cats with their newborns in the shelter. The harsh reality is that once this happens, the mother cat is generally put down after the kittens are old enough to be on their own because they were uprooted when they were the most vulnerable and this stresses them out so much that they are often no longer the same cat and are freaked out and scared of humans. If anyone is looking for kittens, go to your local shelter. At my shelter it costs $100 dollars to adopt a cat, and that includes neutering. So in reality it costs $10 to adopt and $90 to neuter the animal. If you can’t afford neutering your animal how can you pay for their food and if they get sick or hurt? Take care of yourselves and your furry friends.

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